Mobile Number Portability
Keep my number

Happy with your number but unhappy with your current provider or cell phone plan? No problem! Transferring your number to a new service provider is called Number Portability. We offer this service with no additional charge. You can even move your landline number to HanaCell too!

All we need is your current account number and PIN code. You don't even need to contact your existing provider until the number portability is complete! You don't have to do anything else except keep your cell phone active until we let you know that the transfer is complete. Your contract with your current provider would then automatically terminate. If your current phone is a prepaid cell phone, just remember to keep a little credit.

How do I Keep my number?

Transferring your number to HanaCell is extremely simple. All you will need to do is complete a simple online form and we will do the rest for you.

  1. After you place your order, you will receive two emails: one contains the details of your order and the other will have a link to your number portability form.
  2. When you have received your new SIM card from HanaCell, go to the number portability form and fill in your cell phone details. It won't take you a minute!
  3. All going well, your cell number will transfer to HanaCell in 24 hours. Your transfer could take longer if your provider requires more information from you or request for you to validate the transfer.
  4. We will send you an email when the transfer has been completed.
    You're ready to go!

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Can I keep my own phone?

If you have a AT&T (prepaid or contract) phone, HanaCell's SIM card will most likely work with your own cell phone. Note if you are using a Blackberry, iPhone, LG or Samsung there is a possibility that our SIM card is not compatible. We advice you to test with our test SIM card.

If you are currently with Verizon, Sprint or T-mobile, you will not be able to use your cell phone.

Is your handset from other providers? You will need a SIM unlocked phone that is compatible with GSM850/1900MHz. You can easily check whether your phone is compatible by borrowing an AT&T SIM card from a family or friend. Insert the SIM card into your phone and try making a call. If it connects, then HanaCell's SIM card will work with your phone.

You can check Handset compatibility here.

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Mobile Number Portability FAQ

  • Can I transfer my current number?

    Yes, you can! Just tell us your account number and PIN code when you have received your HanaCell SIM card from us. Please keep your connection active until we contact you.

  • How long will it take to transfer my number?

    Normally within 24 hours. It may take longer if the account number/PIN is incorrect and we need to contact you for the correct nformation. Some providers also require that you contact them before releasing your number.

  • Can I transfer my landline number onto HanaCell?

    Yes, you can. You simply need to tell us your account number and PIN code when you have received the goods from us. Please keep your connection active until we contact you.