Cell Phone Plan
HanaCell $9.99 Plan

Save up to $1,000 a year on your cell phone bill!

Are you paying for unused inclusive minutes on your $30+/month plan?

  • Do you waste some of your inclusive minutes every month?
  • Do you wish instead that there was a cheaper phone plan with less inclusive minutes?

Are you tired of getting cut off during a call on your prepay phone?

  • Do you wish that phone plans came without a 24 months contract term or a termination fee?
  • Are you finding it a hassle to recharge your credit?

HanaCell cell phone plan is only $9.99/month and it includes $9.99 worth of FREE calls every month. In effect, your monthly fee is FREE if you use up your inclusive call allowance!

HanaCell compared to other services

Your annual monthly fee with HanaCell comes to $119.88 which we credit back to you on your usage.

Monthly charges for cell phones normally start from about $30 and it can go up to anything over $100! If you pay $100 per month, that means you pay $1,200 a year! With HanaCell, you will be paying $119.88 per year. That's $1,080 a year savings on your cell phone bill!!!

Compare cell phone plans

You can start saving hundreds of dollars on your phone bill by opting for HanaCell's low-cost cell phone plan today!

What's more, other service providers will hold you to a 24 months contract. If you were to terminate, you will be charged a hefty termination fee which could be anything up to $300. At HanaCell, we will never penalize you for terminating your contract.

If you had given up on cell phone contracts because of their long-term contract, you can finally give up your prepay phone for HanaCell's contract-free phone plan.

  • You will never be out of credit so you won't ever have to worry about your calls cutting off or being out of credit in an emergency.
  • We provide you FREE call listings so that you can check your calls, unlike most prepay phones where you are never quite sure how your credit has been used up.
  • You don't have to worry about your charge/ number expiring if you haven't used it for months.

Monthly Charge

If you want a service that is SIMPLE and CLEAR with no hidden charges or extra service charges to pay for, then HanaCell is the choice for you.

Monthly charge of $9.99 Plan
Monthly charge $9.99 (Tax $0)
Free minutes $9.99
  • Any unused inclusive minutes will rollover onto the following month
  • We will deduct your monthly call allowance of $9.99 from your total call charge every month. If you don't use up your $9.99 we will roll over your free calls onto the next month. Your maximum roll over is $19.98

eg. Total call charge・・・$5, Total SMS charge・・・$3 (→Total = $8)
We will roll over the remaining $9.99-$8=$1.99.

TaxesFREE (Yes that's right, you pay $0 for taxes!!!)
Activation feeFREE
Termination feeFREE
Itemised billingFREE

Call Charges

Cell phone call charges can be so complicated!
Long distance charges, out-of-state charges, domestic roaming charges, cross network calls and all the different taxes bump up your monthly spend.

With HanaCell,

  • You pay the Same Low Rate, 24/7 to call anywhere in the USA.
  • Your inclusive $9.99 FREE calls will go towards your calls, SMS charges, and data usage.
  • We will rollover unused minutes onto the following month.

The cost of your calls is the same, regardless of whether you go over your free minutes, enabling you to use our service with complete peace of mind.

Calls Outgoing calls Calls to anywhere in the USA
(and retrieving your voicemail)
$0.25 /min
Calls to Japan $0.50 /min
Calls to other International countries $2.00 /min
Incoming calls (From anywhere) $0.25 /min
Texts Receiving and sending
SMS ・ SMS E-mail $0.15 /msg
MMS $0.30 /msg
Data usage $0.50 /1MB

How billing works

At HanaCell, we aim for a SEAMLESS service where you can work out exactly what you are paying for and when these charges will be taken from your credit card.

  1. Purchase and delivery fees will be debited from your credit card on completion of your online order.
  2. We will process your order and ship your cell phone.
  3. You will be charged your first monthly fee $9.99 on or soon after your cell phone has been delivered to you. (If you are porting your number to HanaCell, we only start charging you from the date the transfer is complete.)
  4. Every month on the same day, we will charge you $9.99 for your monthly fee.
  5. Your calls will all be rated at the price indicated above. The way we work out what you pay for your calls is, we deduct $9.99 FREE calls from your total call spend.
  6. Within a few days of your transactions, you will be able to view your credit card statement and itemised billing by logging into our online system.

It's as simple as that!